Chapter 4  Data synchronization with mobile devices

Table of Contents

4.1  Supported mobile devices
4.2  SSL Certificates
4.3  Windows Mobile 5.0
4.4  Windows Mobile 5.0 AKU2
4.4.1  ActiveSync settings in Pocket PC Edition
4.4.2  ActiveSync settings in Smartphone Edition
4.5  Windows Mobile 6.0
4.6  Nokia Eseries
4.6.1  Mail For Exchange Settings
4.7  Nokia N73 and N95
4.8  RoadSync
4.9  Apple iPhone
4.9.1  Apple iPhone 2.0
4.9.2  Apple iPhone 3.0
4.9.3  Apple iPhone 4.0
4.10  Apple iOS

Kerio Connect supports the ActiveSync which is used to synchronize data between the computer (server or workstation) and mobile devices.

ActiveSync is a protocol but it is also an application generally included in mobile devices with Windows Mobile operating systems. It is also a desktop application installed to desktop computers and used to synchronize data with mobile devices connected to the computer via a so called cradle.

Kerio Connect uses the ActiveSync protocol for direct synchronization of data saved on the server with data stored in mobile devices. It supports synchronization of email folders, calendar, contacts and, in case of some devices, also tasks.

For details on folder selection for synchronization see chapter 1.12.7  Folder synchronization with mobile devices.